Thursday, April 26, 2007


Herb and Rosemary Spiceman have raised their children, all four of them, to be socially conscious, environmentally aware and culturally sensitive. One evening, however, when their usual engaging dinner conversation turns to futures and aspirations, Mom and Dad Spiceman are horrified to learn that their kids dream of careers in advertising and corporate law, and lust after labels, logos and everything else the couple consider to be the dangerously superficial fluff of life.

Committed to the concept of their children as representations of hope for the planet, they quit their jobs, pack up their essentials ... and kids ... and set off for teaching positions in parts of the world where life will expose Basil, Salina, Kayanne and Sage to more than iPods and Barbie and body piercing.

Their first stop is in Seychelles, where in addition to lessons on the fragility of coral reefs, the damaging effects of invasive creepers and the value of free education in Africa, the kids also come across a ghost on a mission who decides they are to be her perfect revenge, fruit bats, sting rays and a pirate's treasure that's been hidden away for 436 years.

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